This website is an independent publication launched in March 2024 by
The International Union of Scientists (IUS), Scientists Against Militarism and the Destructive Use of Science and Technology.

The volunteer group coordinating IUS activities coalesced in late 2023 when Breakthrough Science Society (based in India) initiated a convention entitled Scientists Against Israeli Apartheid, Occupation and Genocide in Gaza. To organize the convention, a international committee was formed. After the convention, the committee resolved to continue their work to organize a international group of scientists concerned about the science-related crises facing our world, with a specific focus on combating science's destructive potential.

"To oppose militarism in all its manifestations will hopefully become a dominant preoccupation of scientists and others, indeed for everyone with a global conscience, to motivate them to feel that they must act responsibly in light of such developments that cloud the present and pose dire threats for the future."
Richard A Falk

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Contact us

Contact the IUS committee at info [at] iuscientists [dot] org
Our Twitter/X is @iuscientist.
Our Youtube channel is https://youtube.com/@iuscientists

The organizing committee

The following scientists serve on the International Union of Scientists' Organizing Committee.

Adam Claridge-Chang, Singapore
Ahmed C. Bawa, South Africa
Assaf Kfoury, USA
Biplab Chandra, India
Carlo Rovelli, France
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, USA
Cyril Closset, UK
Dhrubajyoti Mukhopadhyay, India
Flavio Del Santo, Switzerland
Francesca Vidotto, Canada
Jason E. Ybarra, USA
Josh Dubnau, USA
Manabendra Nath Bera, India
Marco Baity Jesi, Switzerland
Michael Gasser, USA
Mukesh K. Chalise, Nepal
Natalya Dinat, South Africa
Sharad Onta, Nepal
Soumitro Banerjee, India
Subramani Mani, USA
Suchitra Sebastian, UK
Vincenzo Riso, Portugal