Calls for Action from Scientists

Calls for Action from Scientists
Image from Scholars Against the War on Palestine statement. (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand (CC BY 3.0 NZ)). SAWP website.

Scientists around the world have called for action in solidarity with Palestine. The collective statements below call for a range of actions, including active support for an immediate ceasefire as well as an academic boycott of Israeli institutions and a refusal to participate in military research and weaponization of science.

Note: This article focuses on US-based and international scientific organizations; there is another article covering actions of European academics.

Scientists for Palestine. 21 October 2023. Over 1200 signatories. “We thus call on academic institutions, international bodies, human rights groups, and media outlets to unite with us in condemning this unparalleled Israeli collective punishment.”

Science for the People. 16 October 2023. “There is an urgent need and opportunity to educate, agitate, organize, protect those who speak the truth, push back against Zionism, build labor militancy and internationalism among oppressed classes.”

Just Mathematics Collective. 13 October 2023. 199 signatories. “Israeli universities are partners in this genocidal program…We strongly urge all scientists, engineers, and mathematicians, as well as all scientific professional societies, to abide by the guidelines of the academic boycott.”

Breakthrough Science Society. 26 October 2023. Over 900 signatories. “We urge the United Nations to take a strong and principled stand and take steps for an immediate ceasefire.”

Healthcare Workers for Palestine. October 2023. 5647 signatories. “To condemn the violence and destruction against the healthcare system that the Israeli State is inflicting against Palestine and the Palestinian people, in all of its forms.”

Health workers Alliance for Palestine. 10 November 2023. 3735 signatories. “We stand in solidarity with our healthcare worker colleagues in Gaza and with the Palestinian people and demand… An immediate end to the targeting of healthcare facilities and healthcare workers… Those responsible should be held accountable for their war crimes.”

Particles for Palestine. 16 November 2023. 890 signatories. “We call on scientists around the world… to take a strong position in support of: a ceasefire, humanitarian aid, Palestinian scientists and students, the right to non-violent protest, and academic freedom for critics of Israel.”

International Convention Against War and Destructive Uses of Science. 9 December 2023. Over 900 signatories. “We call for academic and science-related boycotts as well as other peaceful actions in line with calls from Palestinian scientists and anti-apartheid Israel organizations.”

UCSC Astronomy Researchers. 17 January 2024. “We call on the University of California to divest its money from apartheid, genocide, and militarism. We call on UC faculty to divest their research from apartheid, genocide, and militarism.”

Astrobites. 27 March 2024. “As astronomers and members of the global scientific community, we cannot ignore the immense suffering and devastation inflicted upon our colleagues.”

MIT Scientists Against Apartheid Pledge. 12 April 2024. 1049 signatories. By the MIT Coalition Against Apartheid. “As a researcher at MIT… I pledge to refuse to accept funding from the listed companies (Lockheed Martin, HP, Boeing, Dell, Project Nimbus) that are complicit in Israeli apartheid and occupation.”

No Tech for Apartheid Day of Action. 16 April 2024. The general public may join the letter-writing campaign. 95,742 contributors. “The time is now to rise up against Project Nimbus, in support of Palestinian liberation, and join calls to end the Israeli occupation and genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. This has never been more urgent.”