News Updates

News Updates
University students at the University of Michigan, on April 28, 2024, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. [Katie McTiernan – Anadolu Agency, source]

News of protests and movements against genocide, militarism, and the destructive use of science and technology all over the globe.

New York: Professor Josh Dubnau, IUS member, arrested at raid of Stony Brook University's pro-Palestine encampment

Stony Brook Professor: "I’ve done civil disobedience before, but I’ve never seen the police arrest a peaceful group like this. This was like a military formation." Read more here.

Switzerland: Amnesty International stands by the student protesters

Amnesty International has taken a strong position against the repression of students, denouncing the violation in Switzerland of the human right to protest. Read more here.

Switzerland: Students call for Swiss universities to end collaborations with Israeli institutions

Since the beginning of May, Swiss universities have also witnessed an increasing wave of occupations by pro-Palestinian students, who are calling for Swiss universities to end their collaborations with Israeli institutions. These occupations, possibly unprecedented in the history of Switzerland, started in Lausanne (both University and EPFL) and quickly spread to Geneva, Zurich (both ETH and University), Lucerne, Neuchatel, Fribourg, Bern, and Basel. Most of these initiatives have been strongly suppressed by the university administrations, and most encampments have already been dispersed by police’s night raids. Read more here.

South Africa: Global Anti-Apartheid Conference held in Johannesburg, 11-12 May 2024

At the Global Anti-Apartheid Conference, delegates vowed, “to ensure Israel and those complicit in its genocide are held accountable (and) to support the struggle for the liberation of the Palestinian people.” Read the Johannesburg Declaration on Israel’s Settler-Colonialism, Apartheid and Genocide: Towards a Global Anti-Apartheid Movement for Palestine, here.

California: Students condemn UC San Diego stance

UCSD graduate students are outraged at the university's double standards as it violently cracks down on the Gaza Solidarity Encampment while inviting a Zionist archeologist complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Read the news here.

South Asia: Students' Organisations express solidarity with the student protests across USA

[Photo: source]

In a joint statement, the Students’ Organisations of South Asia convey solidarity to the students protest across USA and condemning the repressive actions taken by the authorities of Columbia University and the US government. Read the statement here.