Launch of the International Union of Scientists newsletter

Launch of the International Union of Scientists newsletter
Palestine from space. [Image credit NASA]

Update: To attend the Shireen Abu Akleh Lecture on 8 May 2024, fill out this form.

Dear Scientist,

In December 2023, in response to the Palestinian Genocide, a group of scientists assembled to hold an International Convention of Scientists Against Israeli Apartheid, Occupation and Genocide in Gaza. 

You were one of the 963 signatories to the resulting Declaration, which denounced Israel’s genocide and called for a boycott of all Zionist Israeli organizations. In signing the Declaration, you also expressed an interest in being contacted by us for more information about participating in further events, including actions to help Palestine.

The formation of IUS

After the Convention, the organizing committee reflected on the genocide and how the world faces other crises. Even though most people become researchers to help humanity, science has been a key driver of many aspects of the current global polycrisis.

As such, the committee initiated the formation of the International Union of Scientists (IUS), Scientists Against Militarism and the Destructive Use of Science and Technology. We envision IUS as a way for scientists around the world who are opposed to militarism to communicate with each other.

The goals of IUS

IUS goals include coordinating initiatives and bringing awareness to the non-neutrality of science. Scientists have a responsibility to practice ethical science. We hold that they should engage in mobilizing public opinion, and helping develop movements to ensure that science and technology are utilized for the stewardship and preservation of the planet and the betterment of humanity. We are working on a mission statement, and hope to bring you into that process.

Our new website

To advance these goals, we have started a website. The website is integrated with a newsletter function so that we can contact you and other interested scientists. Please feel free to spread the link and ask your colleagues to subscribe to the newsletter. This website can help us to network at an international level. Please share news of events or ask for a space for discussion/debate of specific issues. We are open to creative uses of this platform to reach our goals.

Recent actions

Along with information about the Convention, the website currently has the following pieces (with Comments enabled) focused on recent scientist actions.

  1. Summaries of scientists’ actions opposing the Palestinian Genocide. One piece covers statements by scientists in Europe, while the other covers calls for action by US and international groups of scientists. 
  2. A request from Argentinian scientists on how you can help them defend against the attack on the Argentine research system.
  3. In January, IUS’ second action was to send out a step-by-step guide to supporting South Africa’s ICJ case against Israel, which remains relevant.

Looking forward

We are planning more actions focused on the Palestinian Genocide. 

To contact us, please leave a Comment on the web version of this newsletter, or send us an email at Our new Twitter/X account is @iuscientist. 

We hope to work with you to stand against genocide and militarism.

In Solidarity,

The IUS Organizing Committee

P.S. The Second Shireen Abu Akleh Memorial Lecture will be held on 8 May 2024. Minister Dr Naledi Pandor leads South Africa’s delegation in their historic case against Israel at the ICJ. As Dr Pandor has a background in academia, the event has particular relevance. Details below.

The 2nd Shireen Abu Akleh Lecture

Theme: The responsibility of the Academy in a time of Genocide

DATE: Wednesday, 8 May 2024
TIME: South Africa time UTC +2, 14:00 (South Africa), 15:00 (Palestine)
VENUE: Hybrid Event, 6th level APK Library, University of Johannesburg
RSVP: For in-person attendance, kindly confirm in advance to gain access to the venue:

Dr Naledi Pandor, 
Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, South Africa
Mr Zane Dangor, Director General of DIRCO, South Africa
Prof Samia Al-Botmeh, Dean, Economics Faculty, Birzeit University, Palestine
Adv Diana Buttu, Former spokesperson of the Palestine Liberation Organization
The Lecture is a joint collaboration between the University of Johannesburg and Birzeit University, Occupied Palestine.

Poster for The 2nd Shireen Abu Akleh Lecture, 8 May 2024
Poster for The 2nd Shireen Abu Akleh Lecture, 8 May 2024